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Welcome to His House at MSU!

The college experience brings with it many questions: What major will you choose? Where will you meet friends? How can I pass my classes? At His House, we want you to ask questions with more significance: Why does God have you at college? And what does He want you to do while you’re here? His House MSU exists to help students discover God’s purpose for them at Michigan State University and beyond. Through Him, you can accomplish so much more in four (or five) years than just getting a degree!

We would love to encourage you in your walk with God and support you during your time in college. We can stop by for a visit, maybe grab some lunch or a cup of coffee, talk about life, or help you with anything you need. Just contact us and we’ll be sure to get back to you right away!


Contact Info:

Campus Ministers:
Brody and North Neighborhoods – Brad Hawes – 517.242.7877;
East and River Trail Neighborhoods – Kevin Briere – 906.280.7824;
South Neighborhood – Derek DiCesare – 616.915.3761;